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Yo, I Can't Adult Today Candle

Yo, I Can't Adult Today Candle

SKU: 9043814199071

Due to the fragile nature of these candles, there are *NOT AVAILABLE FOR SHIPPING - IN STORE PICK UP ONLY*

If ordered as a shipping order, order will be canceled/ refunded. Thanks for understanding!


Remember when you were a kid and the most stressful thing in life was sneaking out to go to that party? Now you're faking excuses to avoid going out, and eating cereal on the couch. Adulting is overrated! xo

By donating to Greenspark and Girls Inc, Candier gives back to nature by remaining carbon neutral, and pays it forward by supporting the next generation of fierce female leaders. 

Smells Like

Fruit Loops , Cereal Milk, Citrus, Grapefruit 


Vegan + Cruelty Free

60+ hour burn time

Natural soy candle

No gross goop

Insanely giftable

Hand made in USA

    Excluding Sales Tax
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